its my birthday

It’s My Birthday!!

Yes! Today I’m 23 years old. Still so young, or old enough? Hmmm, it depends on the people who says it. If they are older, of course they will say I’m still so young, and the other hand. How about my own point of view? Hmmm, it’s hard to decide it now, let me write till the end first :p

23.. Not actually a special numbers if you compare it with the lucky 7, the perfect 10 or other meaningful numbers. For me? Not a special numbers yet hehehe. Even my address number is 24, a close one.

So, what’s the purpose of writing this? Till this line I write, I also don’t know the purpose =.= Somehow I get infected by one of my friends’ “mumbling” writing T_T

But, today I feel refresh! Feels happy at every moment of the day, feel gifted, blessed, loved, cared. ^^

It’s different from the past birthday. First time in my 23th years life, I’ve never felt the way I felt this morning. I’ve imagined how if today, friends in office will do an ‘execution’ for me. I even bring changing clothes in case they do something terrible hahahaha

But luckily everything’s fine. Beside the fact of they asked for Magnum but I don’t have money. Not paid yet #whenispayday T___T

So, no special or unforgettable event today, but I still feel very special, very happy. Thanks for all the wishes you all gave for me. Maybe I can’t pay it with a certain amount of money, because it’s too precious to count ^^

Still, I hope for myself to be more mature, young, lively, lovely, positive, happy, beauty, smart, healthy, success, and slim! hahaha #prayinghardforthelastone :p

May in 23th years old, I can do my best for my family, for my future, for my job, for my friends, for future family hehehe.  Fighting! I can do it! Become a better woman, better daughter, better worker, better friends, better wife gonna be :p

Thanks again to all my family and friends. Let me share my happiness for you too. May God Bless you always 🙂

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